Executive Assistant Benchmarks - Salary, Tenure, Hours and Job Satisfaction

I am excited to announce the results of my Executive Assistant benchmark.

Thanks to the thirteen Executive Assistants who participated in this benchmark. Aside from one southern California participant, all of these EAs are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


All of the surveyed Executive Assistants are full-time employees.

The average salary of this group is $108,615, and ranges from $65,000 to $180,000. Half the participants make more than median salary of $103,000, and half make less.


Tenure in the job ranged from 6 month to 10 years for these EAs, and the average was 4.3 years.

When asked to predict whether they'd be working for the same principal in one year, 69% of Executive Assistants said yes.


Ninety-two percent of respondents reported working 7 - 10 hours per day on weekdays. Only one of these EAs is in the office on weekends.


Autonomy, variety, and flexibility were the most common responses when I asked these Executive Assistants what they like most about their current job.

  • Autonomy on the job was cited most often. EAs described autonomy with phrases like "carte blanche when it comes to important decision-making" and "boss who does not micromanage me and trusts my work."
  • As was true in my surveys of Personal Assistants and Estate Managers, many Executive Assistants like the variety of the job.
  • EAs also reported liking the job's flexibility, which manifests in various ways. One EA said "No one is concerned with HOW the work gets done...just that it gets done." While another EA liked that the job is "flexible on work hours if I need to go to an appointment during the day."
  • Colleagues were also cited as a most liked aspect of the job.

Uncertainty and repetition were the top responses when EAs were asked what they liked least:

  • Uncertainty, described as "Lots of management changes" and "instability of this small tech company; uncertain how long my job will last."
  • Repetition, which was described as "repetitive tasks" and "routine work."


This is the last post in my three-part benchmarking series which kicked off in December last year with benchmarks for Personal Assistants, and then benchmarks for Estate Managers in early February.

I will update all these benchmarks next year.

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