The Importance of Household Harmony

I've been thinking a lot about harmony and longevity in the household and the best tools for both employers and employees to have in their toolbox. In my interactions with clients and candidates, a healthy and stable household is a common goal and a regular topic of conversation, yet it can be difficult to achieve.

More broadly, many newspapers, magazines, and best seller lists feature stories about gratitude and happiness in today's world. These are hot topics. 

So, how can we create households that are healthy and stable? Both parties have the best of intentions when a new hire occurs. We all want there to be mutual respect and empowerment. Being authentic and patient is required not only during the first few months of employment, but for the years ahead. How can we ensure it's rewarding for both the employer and employee?

A heart of service

Most candidates I know entered this profession because they have a true heart of service. They thrive on helping others and being behind the scenes, making their bosses shine. Yet, when they do this seamlessly, the breadth of their achievements often goes unnoticed. Being great at one's job and staying a step ahead of the employer, means the assistant or manager is going above and beyond and often putting out fires that the employer was never aware of. This can be gratifying, yet over time it can be exhausting. Working in a private home can feel like a thankless job. Some have difficulty striking work-life balance and work a ton of overtime. In my experience, it's not sustainable, leads to resentment and eventually turnover. 

Humming along, and then

From the perspective of my clients, they’ve invested a lot of time getting someone trained, in sync, humming along. Then that assistant or manager departs, sooner than expected. The client is left with the added expense and challenge of finding the time, energy, and confidence that it will work out better with the next hire.

Bridget Hamilton and Sarita Patel

For my next two blog pieces, I will be interviewing a couple of experts in the field, Bridget Hamilton and Sarita Patel, who have worked in private homes for many years. They'll give us advice on how to create the right culture so both parties are satisfied. 

Read and share

For now, I wanted to give you some good resources... materials I’ve found helpful to read and share when your goal is increased harmony and longevity. 

  • Like me, Scott Munden has been a matchmaker in this industry for over 20 years. Here is a great article he’s written on how to be successful once you’ve hired a solid team.
  • I’ve known Bonnie Low Kramen for close to 20 years now. She’s a fabulous keynote speaker at our industry’s annual conventions. She’s now working worldwide with Assistants and making a true impact. Here's a wonderful outline she’s written on what you can (and can not) ask your assistant to do.