For my clients in industries as varied as technology, venture capital, and politics, I've found that a Personal Assistant (PA) provides a lifestyle boost by:

  • running important, yet mundane, everyday errands

  • scheduling vendors for household maintenance

  • buying exceptional gifts for special occasions

  • managing childrens' calendars and signing them up for after-school activities and camps

A Personal Assistant frees up time to hike, go for a leisurely brunch, spend time with children, attend the symphony or take a weekend getaway.


A Personal Assistant helps with the day-to-day operations of a private home. She assists the principal with errand running, organizational projects, scheduling appointments, calendaring for family and staff, Internet research, travel arrangements, bill paying and reconciliation, event planning and special projects such as overseeing renovations and property acquisition. 

A Personal Assistant anticipates the principal's needs and stays a step ahead. She is so good at her job that the principal isn't even aware of everything she's doing. She handles it all with tact and grace. 

I typically place PAs in full-time positions, working from the principal's home, office, or offsite. A Personal Assistant's work hours vary depending on the principal's needs. Most work Monday to Friday and some work earlier or later in the day (e.g. 7am-3pm or 10am-6pm). Personal Assistants are flexible and will be present on a weekend day if the principal is hosting an event or having an art piece delivered, for example. 


Personal Assistants earn a salary in the range of $90,000-$200,000 plus benefits.


I've found the best Personal Assistants thrive in an environment that is ever-changing and pride themselves on working behind the scenes to make the principal successful.  They are extremely patient and resourceful. They adjust to the situation, taking initiative or following the principal's lead. 

Strong administrative and computer skills are required, and discreetly handling the delicacies of working in a private home is a must. 

In sum, a Personal Assistant can change the way you live your life. I've seen it happen for many of my clients over the years.


With 18 years of experience, I have placed hundreds of Personal Assistants and other staff with executives at Apple, Facebook, Google, and other prominent entities.

I make placements nationwide, and I have candidates available immediately in the SF Bay Area, the greater New York area, Los Angeles, and the Palm Beach and Miami areas of Florida.

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