Freshly prepared, healthy meals served to you daily in the comforts of your own home...ahhhh, what a dream!

A private chef can do that and more, for you. 


A Private Chef cooks meals in his client's home, typically five days a week. If the Chef has been hired by two clients, he will usually spend three days cooking for one client and two days for the other. Schedules vary, with Tuesday - Saturday and Monday - Friday being most common. 

The Private Chef plans menus and buys food from local purveyors, farmers markets and top notch grocery stores. Often wearing a uniform of "chef whites", he preps and cooks the meals, and will serve them for clients who want that formality. Alternatively, the food can be served family style or left on the table so you have privacy at dinnertime. Private Chefs help with entertaining, treating family and friends to culinary delights. 

Working with special diets is common and Private Chefs will have varying strength with gluten free, dairy free, vegan and other dietary needs. Many Private Chefs are well versed in making children's diets well balanced and chock full of vegetables and lean proteins. 

The Private Chef is responsible for keeping the kitchen clean, organized and completely stocked. He typically has breakfast items ready and available, and prepares lunches and dinners to be eaten at home or out, lunch box style. 


Full- time Private Chefs earn $130,000 to $225,000 per year plus benefits.


Most Private Chefs have culinary degrees and have spent years working in restaurants. They are attracted to the challenge of cooking for the same individuals daily at a more intimate level, while having predictable schedules. 

Often times, Private Chefs are part of a multi-staffed home and they are team players who will pitch in to make sure everything is running smoothly. They are accommodating and keep their skills current by attending new culinary classes and exposing clients to new recipes. Some Private Chefs travel to their employer's secondary homes. 

I work with Private Chefs who have worked in private homes for at least three years and have top notch references. They are discreet, flexible and driven to meet their employers' culinary requests. 


With 18 years of experience, I have placed hundreds of Private Chefs and other staff with executives at Apple, Facebook, Google, and other prominent entities.

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