chief of staff

An Estate Manager is the Chief of Staff for a private client. He is a "yes" person who gets things done with urgency and grace.

He is equally comfortable orchestrating a formal gathering for twelve high profile guests or hosting a casual BBQ for hundreds. In both cases, attention to detail is paramount and flexibility is key.


The Estate Manager typically has 10+ years experience working in private homes. The EM is trained in formal etiquette, care of fine furnishings, antiques and art. A Bachelor's or Master's degree is often required along with technical and financial aptitude. Strong project management skills, extensive research skills and proven negotiation skills are essential.

The Estate Manager oversees a large estate and/or multiple properties owned by one principal. He's the leader of the staff that's employed at the properties, overseeing their hiring, training and management. At the Chief of Staff level, he is leading multiple Managers from each property and handling the budget. This staff may include a Personal Assistant, Household Manager, Butler, Nanny team, Housekeeper team, Maintenance Supervisor, Pilot, Handyman, Driver, Gardener and Security staff. The EM represents his principal at all times and interfaces with many outside vendors including accountants, financial advisors, office staff, contractors and lawyers. 


Estate Managers earn a salary in the range of $140,000-$500,000 plus benefits and bonus.

FINDING A GREAT estate manager

I've found the best Estate Managers have worked up from a role as House Manager, Personal Assistant or Butler. Other great candidates have come from the hospitality industry or business world and were able to transfer skills developed there. 

The EM is typically well-traveled and may oversee homes throughout the world. He can travel at a moment's notice. Running a tight and smooth ship is the daily goal of an EM and all her staff. He creates a sanctuary for his principal.

My searches for an Estate Manager and Chief of Staff are typically nationwide.


With 18 years of experience, I have placed hundreds of Estate Managers and other staff with executives at Apple, Facebook, Google, and other prominent entities.

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